What We Do

As a brand, you need to make yourself accessible to your audience.

At LIMAr, we not only strengthen your brand but in understanding that you are human, help you maintain a positive relationship with your audience.

Content Creation

TV Production

Digital Content

Radio Content and Syndication

Social Media / Community Management

Marketing and Activation

Branding and Events


Product Event Marketing

Public Relations

Media Relations

Media Management

Reputation Management

Our Goal

Ultimately Rebranding Africa.

Africa has a rich tradition of storytellers, let us be the heroes in those stories. We want to tell Africa's success stories. To do this, we need to talk about Africans that are doing great work in their respective fields, particularly sports. Why sports? We can’t deny the influence that sports stars have. To kids they are real life super heroes and to adults they are proof and affirmation that IT can be done. Very few things unite diverse groups of people like sports. It’s bigger than the individual, sports stars are brands and agents of change.

Here at LIMAr, we understand brands.

We're Inspired By Innovation

Author Lisi Harrison once said, “Inspiration is all around us” and at LIMAr we live by these words. We are inspired by innovation. We are inspired by courageous people who despite and in spite of their circumstances are doing great work. We are inspired by those who share our desire to bring change. We are inspired by unsung heroes.

We are inspired by you.