Let's talk about us

LIMAr, originating from an IsiXhosa word “Lima”,which by definition means to plough/cultivate.

Such as preparing land for the purpose of planting and growing new life. Our passion is driven immensely by our desire to see the athletes of Africa develop and build a long lasting legacy through their greatest moments of achievements during their sporting careers.

At LIMAr we have a collective experience spanning over 20 years in the sporting & brand development industry. All the effort spent on learning the ins and outs of this industry has assisted us in not only gaining experience or being able to administer & proactively manage the personal brands of our clients but to also foster working relationships with leading professionals and experts. This allows us to not only have leverage with the level of professionalism that is demanded within the sporting brand development and management industry, but to also strategically align the long term goals and missions of our clients with every milestone reached.

This provides us with a competitive advantage that cannot be established through great work ethics alone. It is experience that was gained through trials of tribulation & victory to become who we are today and how we cultivate your brand. We undoubtedly know our story.  Let us now help you tell yours.