Boasting some of the biggest companies as their clients, Pacinamix is one of the country’s most cutting-edge consulting firms, who in their own words have “in-depth expertise in corporate strategy, project management, business analysis and systems integration, trucking and logistics and integrated marketing communications.” We assisted them in two key projects namely the 2017 McDonalds U14 Schools League and the AMCU House Handovers (Mqanduli and Johannesburg)


The Council of Southern Africa Football Association is a football association which “brings together 14 nations of Southern Africa under a single umbrella, with the goal of developing the game of football in the region”. In an effort to spread the footprint of the COSAFA tournament and also create more value for commercial affiliates, COSAFA introduced TV and Radio Syndication to broadcasters in their member states and SADC countries in 2017. With the assistance of LIMAr (through an inhouse COSAFA supplier) COSAFA not only controlled the messaging that went to broadcasters but saw unprecedented daily coverage in platforms where the tournament doesn’t usually receive a lot of coverage.

Boxing South Africa

Established In 2002, Boxing South Africa aims to fulfill “its role as a custodian of the best interests and concerns of all South African boxers at home and on the international front”.

Burger King

Burger King is synonymous with the term “Whopper” which is the name of their famous signature burger, but few know that it sponsors South Africa’s U20 football squad. They have continuously encouraged the support of Amajita noting how important the young players are to aspiring young South Africans who have hopes of one day representing their country on global stages.

Zolani Tete

“The new superstar who is repositioning Boxing and putting SA on a global stage.”

Current World Record holder for the fastest world title knock-out in boxing history

SA Sport Awards Nominee: Sports Star of the Year (2017)

One of the SA’s Success stories at global level

Huge Media value (appeal not only in boxing circles)

A great story to tell